The real secret to finding a way of eating that works is working out what satisfies you and how to balance it so that you are healthy and remove the guilt from the way that you eat.

The Science of Satisfaction has been helping people throughout New Zealand and Australia to lose weight and improve their health and wellness since 2005!  

Lifestyle factors have the greatest impact on our health and contribute to weight gain, increased cholesterol and increased risk of diabetes due to stress, drinking caffeine and drinking alcohol. 

Psychological guilt about eating a food that is thought of as 'bad' can cause you to binge rather than be educated how to moderate your eating.  It is the 'on'/'off' approach that can cause stress on the body and prevent you from getting sustainable results.  

Life is busy enough as it is to then try and change your lifestyle to be healthy. Instead, I shift your thinking about the way you are eating because you will be already doing so much that is healthy.  It is just about making simple additions to what you are already doing so you have a realistic approach to healthy eating that is sustainable.  There is no need to cut out food groups when you know how to balance them. 

However, one size does not fit all.  Eating is subjective and specific to the individual, their current health condition, age, gender and most importantly their lifestyle and taste preferences. Meals need to be flexible, easy and adjustable for everyones tastes at your place.   

By finding out what state your body is in and fuelling it with the right fuel for your lifestyle, you will be able to excel.  You will have energy and vitality.  I can teach you how to be healthy without cutting out alcohol, caffeine and the foods you like to eat.  You can have your own sustainable approach to eating that will give you great health, more energy and you will feel amazing.    




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Catherine has been helping people nourish their lifestyle and create a healthy body that they love for over 10 years.   Her business started in Auckland in 2010 and she moved back her home town Christchurch in 2014 for her arrival of her son Charlie and to be close to extended family. 

Catherine has coaches people throughout New Zealand and Australia by teaching them a way of eating that is designed personally for their lifestyle so they can get permanent results.  

"The key to nourishing your lifestyle permanently is to balance your mindset, your satisfaction and your nutrition requirements." 

"My mission is to help as many people to have a healthy body without missing out on the foods and drinks they love. I do this by teaching you how to trust yourself again when it comes to eating and shifting the negative mindset around being 'good' or 'bad' with your food choices.  I am also teaching you what you need to eat in every day simple terms that can suit everyone at your place."   

Catherine has written for publications such as The Healthy Food Guide and has published articles in The Herald and regional newspapers.  Catherine has just recently published her first book "Wet Your Appetite - The Secret to Eating Guilt Free". 

"People are creatures of habit.  There needed to be a way that people could be healthy within their current lifestyle. The body requires balance to perform optimally and so when we learn how to nourish our body for the life we lead our energy improves, our immunity strengthens and weight loss comes naturally.  I love teaching people about how their body works so they can get sustainable healthy results and be well for life."



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