Guilt Free Nutritionist's Story

How I became the guilt free nutritionist....

GFN Story

Five years into running my own successful nutrition consultancy in Auckland I became unknowingly pregnant, business was on a decline and the stress and anxiety of the unknown started to compound expoentially...... but one thing I knew was that I had to keep my health no matter what and nourish my body to grow my baby. 

Charlie arrived a healthy nearly 9 pound baby right on time and then the real life learnings started to occur. I didn't have time to prepare healthy meals like I used to when it was only me in the past nor did I have the energy to think about what to eat for an evening meal. I was tied to the couch like most new mums breast feeding every 2 hours and purely trying to survive.

I knew there had to be an easier way to nourish my new lifestyle......  

Three years on I have now developed and implemented a blueprint using the science of satisfaction-- the formula for eating guilt free. I had coached hundreds of people throughout New Zealand and the world for more than five years using this formula to show them that they could have their cake and eat it too. They didn't need to follow a healthy diet programme to have more energy, lose weight and stay well.

The science of satisfaction works by balancing your body mentally through taste, nutritionially by balancing your blood sugars and physically by nourishng stress. It simplifies your eating so that you spend less time in the kitchen, less planning for the super market and is flexible for everyone you are feeding at your place.  

You can join me in the guilt free food school and find out more information about that here....... or if you would prefer a personalised approach to shifting your relationship with eatiing click here to find out about working with me now

Get started risk free and try some of the delicous guilt free recipes for yourself click the tile to get your trial now 


I look forward to seeing you in there soon 

Your Guilt Free Nutritionist

Catherine Sissons (BSc (HUNT), PGDip Sports Med - University Otago School of Medicine)

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