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How I became the guilt free nutritionist....

Throughout life I saw diets and trends come and go with women of all ages trying different solutions to be better, look better and essentially be enough so that they would feel good about themselves.  The whole of my life I had this inner drive to find a solution so that people would feel good about themselves, be happy with their body and be able to enjoy eating.

I have always had a passion for food and eating and have made it my mission to learn what makes us tick through what we eat. I travelled the conventional route of getting my qualifcations through university 15  years ago but what I kept coming up against was regardless of the method, the science, the programme or system I was teaching there was always a drop off rate.  Clients would stay inspired for a certain period of time and then life would show up an get in the way. 

What I have learned over my career is that LIFE ALWAYS SHOWS UP and WILL KEEP SHOWING UP until we have learned what the lesson is. So if you have found that you have failed at healthy eating time and time again then you have come to the right place.  

If you feel nervous at attempting yet another way of healthy eating because you feel you are going to wind up in the same place in a few months time or you have people that don't believe you can do it then you are also in the right place.

You need support and accoutablity to unravel your eating patterns this cannot be done in hiding, behind closed doors or on your own.  It is time to accept your eating patterns and learn what they are trying to tell you instead of giving up and running away once again. 

It is no mistake that you are reading this right it now it is a sign you have been thinking about this for a while now and need to do something different. 

As a woman and a mother I understand the expectations we put on ourselves to be 'good enough' and make others happy.  However through my experience in health and wellness industry over the past ten years it is now clear to me that to be happy and healthy we need to start with looking at where our eating beliefs come from.

I have had my fair share of challenges over the past few years with falling pregnant by surprise while being 'careful', being a single mother, trying to eat healthy when my business was failing and trying to keep my business alive and support myself and my son on minimal sleep when he was a baby.  I could play the victim card here and blame things outside myself for what happened to me but it is just a story.  A story I could tell myself, a reason for not being able to have the life, the body or whatever I want.  You may think 'yeah but it is easy for you because you know what to do', you are a strong person, you have courage.  You also know what to do, are a strong person (deep down) and have courage. You just need someone to reflect it back to you.  

I can tell you it hasn't always been this way, it is not always easy and I still get tested. The difference is that I show up, I am willing to do what it takes and I see the test for what it is - a temporary pause in action.  When you choose to push through the hurdle, the glitch, the block there is growth on the other side and this is what is going to give you the ablity to eat guilt free permanently.     

What you tune into will depict exactly what you get in return. If you are delve into comparisons on social media, wishing you were something you see in a magazine or if you long to fit your clothes like you used to then you are causing a separation of where you are and where you want to be.

My mission is to work with women who are ready to explore their tastes, their love of food and why they have this separation between where they are and where they want to be. No diet, healthy eating programme or lifestyle improvement will last if you don't understand where your food choices come from to start with.

The mind is a powerful organ and it will control your permanent results regardless of how well you dot your I's and cross your t's in the process.  If you believe you don't deserve to be healthy or feel good then you WILL subconsciously self sabbotage your progress without being aware of it.

The key to creating a body that you love and can keep permanently is through finding out what satisfies your senses.  This includes taste, smell and texture of your food as well as where your love or hate relationship started with food.

If you are ready to delve into the depths of why you eat the way you do and find out how you can have your cake and eat it without the unhealthy consequences then it is time we had a little chat.

I will work with you to unravel what you love to eat and why you do or don't love to eat it. You will then be shown how to fuel your body for what you need. You will gain ultimate satisfaction in doing so and learn a way of eating that is personalised to you and can work for you permanently regardless of what life throws at you. 

I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready or if you would like to kick start by finding out more about my book "Wet Your Appetite - The Secret to Eating Guilt Free" - click here

Kindest Regards

Your Guilt Free Nutritionist

Catherine Sissons (BSc (HUNT), PGDip Sports Med - University Otago School of Medicine)

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