Can You Manipulate Your Metabolism?

  • Can You Manipulate Your Metabolism?

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Monday, 11 December 2017
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    The definition of metabolism is the chemical processes that occurs within a living organism in order to maintain life.  We classically associate the word with whether we are burning or storing body fat. That is merely one component of your metabolism.

    A more simplistic view of metabolism is any process that your liver performs on an unconscious basis. The key word here is the word unconscious.  You are not and cannot be aware of how your metabolism operates so when you decide you have a slow one (or a fast one) you really can't be sure unless you know your stress levels.


    The liver performs over 400 jobs to keep you alive continuously and it cannot be replaced. Once you attack or kill the cells that aid your metabolism it can cause irreparable damage.   When you are functioning with less than optimal liver function your immunity suffers.

    So how does this link to mindset. If you are stressed, busy and under pressure you are indirectly affecting your metabolism because stress causes fight or flight. The safety mechanism to keep you safe. It keeps you safe by prioritizing what you need to get done rather than all the jobs on the list.

    You might be eating healthy foods but if your body experiences stress from your lifestyle then your metabolism will not be utilizing the nutrients you are eating.

    The result is not getting results and long term stress inevitably leads to you getting sick so that your body has less work to do and it can focus its energy on healing you.

    This is no different than where you get extra pressure or stress in your work or at home and you put off everything else until the stress subsides. However in reality stress never stops occurring and it doesn't stop occurring in your liver or metabolism either unless you make that choice.


    Detox diets have been created to ease the loading on the liver so that it can heal however as healthy as they can be they still condone an ON/OFF approach to nourishment. Many people use detox diets as a band aid to their stressful, unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately you will keep ending up back in metabolic deficit. Meaning lacking in nourishment and getting sick.

    So although they have their benefits - there is no long term benefit to them in a fast paced modern society if the appropriate nourishment of your lifestyle doesn't occur after their completion.

    As you return back to your original eating patterns they serve no beneficial purpose except mentally helping you to feel good that you did something helpful for your body for a short period of time.


    The chemicals that affect your metabolism the most in every day western diet are caffeine and alcohol. These substances are both toxins and when your body is already under stress these add extra stress to your metabolic loading.

    Body fat is one of the lowest priorities for your liver to perform daily. In fact it is actually easier for it to store your fat than burn it. So just like you -- when you get busy there is greater stress on your liver and then there is a greater the risk you will store your body fat instead of burning it - regardless of how healthy your diet is.


    How do you manage to still include alcohol and caffeine in your lifestyle without the guilty and unhealthy consequences? Is it even possible? 

    Over ten years I have been coaching people of all different backgrounds, shapes and sizes and not changing their lifestyle. They have dropped body fat, improved their cholesterol, dropped their blood pressure and reversed type two diabetes.


    No surprise it starts with your mind - the most powerful organ in your body that predetermines your conscious and unconscious reactions.  It isn't magic it is just scientific law.  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed - only transferred from one state to another. 

    Stress is stored energy that needs to be dissipated.  Learning how to change your beliefs around the fuel you put in your body and balance your satisfaction mentally, for your physical requirements and create awareness around your lifestyle possibilities are endless! The first step is knowing what you are working with and then looking at how to adjust around it. This is how I work with you and reflect back the correlation between what life is throwing at your and nourishing around it.

    Slowly your body becomes back into alignment and you can trust your food and drink choices. You body is burning your fuel from a place of enjoyment rather than a place of stress.  Sometimes you will choose be drink the caffeine or alcohol other times it will be not the right choice to not have it.  Restriction from foods and drinks will only come back and haunt you if you haven't acknowledged as to why it bring you joy.  This is the way I permanently change and simplify how you eat.


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