What Do You Need To Be Satisfied?

  • What Do You Need To Be Satisfied?

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Thursday, 26 April 2018
  • You have tried numerous healthy eating programmes, meal plans, challenges and recipes with a healthy promise but do you know why you put yourself through the same mental will power every time the latest online trend is launched?

    I hear it a lot!

    "I already know what to eat"

    YES! Of course you do -- healthy eating programmes are all very similar - the basic biochemistry of the body hasn't changed that much in the past hundred years.

    So why do you try the latest thing in hope that it will be different? 

    Time and time again they never last, are so unsustainable and often require preparation, organising and practices that come undone when life shows up 

    YET…….. we keep trying them, keep getting sucked in and feel like this time it must the 'the one'.

    I am going to reveal to you why this occurs and the simple reason is that you are really looking is A FEELING.

    A feeling that you will receive WHEN you eat in a healthy way. A sense of achievement. Imagine if you could actually put the joy put in back into eating without the mental struggle!

    You can even make meals that suit everyone at your place so you can pass on being a healthy role model to the next generation below you. That is the real reason I do what I do. 

    Unfortunately diets and even the balanced healthy eating regimes will eventually fail you unless of course you feel you have failed them first.

    What type of behaviour is that demonstrating to children around their eating if they see their care givers eating something different to gain a 'result'. 

    Imagine if there was a simple approach that also suited young people without restricting the food they love too?

    Well..... now there is.  

    In order to be healthy you need to satsfy yourself biochemically (blood sugars), your demograhic and health status and your taste buds. 

    What you need to ensure you are eating healthy and balanced is to understand your needs. Like any relationship in your life if your needs are being met you will feel happy and satisfied.

    How would you feel when your friend shows up with delcious home baking or offers you food at their place and you could say - YES without going into justifying that its 'a treat' or 'okay in moderation'.

    How would it feel to say YES more often to the food you love because you know how to balance it within your main meals that everyone at your place can eat? 

    The first need to be met is your mindset with eating and that alone is 80% of the equation. It can be effected by stress aka your busy lifestyle. 

    Secondly you need to balance your blood sugars through using guilt free recipes or balancing your own meals using the science of satisfaction outlined in chapter two of my book "Wet Your Appetite". 

    The Following are seven strategies that when satisfied improves your health and wellbeing exponentially.   

    The Seven Successful Strategies to Staying Well include:

    1) Knowing what you need at breakfast

    2) How to Create a Balanced Lunch 

    3) Eating a nourishing dinner that will heal you while you sleep

    4) How stress can impact your nourishment 

    5) What foods can hinder your wellness 

    6) Is your mindset interferring with feeling better

    7) Cooking ONE tasty simple meal that can be adjusted for everyone at you place 

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