The Part of Your Body That Will Burn The Most Body Fat

  • The Part of Your Body That Will Burn The Most Body Fat

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Monday, 11 December 2017
  • Do you find every year when the light and temperature changes that you get a shot of motivation to eat better?

    The first step is usually seeking out a way of eating that will give fast results because as humans we like instant results. The unfortunate pattern with instant results in any area of our life usually results in unsustainable feelings of satisfaction. 

    This can be related to any momentary decision of instant gratification from what we buy to what we eat. However we soon return to the same feelings we had before we purchased that 'thing' outside ourselves to make us feel better.

    It is thought to get results we need to be hard, strong and disciplined to push ourselves to gain progress. This approach will only last for as long as you are in an energetic state and when life shows up like a social event, visiting friends with baking, going out for lunch or feeling tired from life pressures your disciplined approach will eventually come undone. 

    Traditionally we have been taught that showing emotions can be a sign of weakness. We shush the crying baby, we can walk away from the 'over reactive' child, we can avoid conflict in relationships and push down any feelings of negative emotions when life sends us challenges.

    However it is important to remember that there are a range of emotions not just negative ones. We are taught to close down, move on and not embrace the negative ones. Life tells us we need to focus on the positive and move on. However if the negative emotions are not addressed and accepted they will keep recurring as a pattern - just like the child will keep whining until it has had an explanation or had its needs met.

    Negative emotions can be store in the subconscious mind and creep out in the form of self-sabotage leading to feelings of not feeling good enough and reinforcing that once again you have failed at yet another goal or milestone.

    This repetition gets stored by our memory and are reflected through how we conduct ourselves throughout life. You can try to escape the patterns by cutting that aspect of your life out but it will eventually find you through your eating patterns because you can't not eat. If this gets beyond this level and out of control it can then lead to disordered eating.

    These patterns show up through your eating in your greatest states of vulnerability brought on by life stresses. These days we have greater expectations to do more, have more and be more and there are so many more stresses stemmed through expectations we put on ourselves.

    So the solution is to find a way of eating that nourishes your lifestyle and that can integrate to the chaos AND that EVERYONE at your place can do. It does not matter what this way of eating you find is - as long as you find it is easy enough to sustain when the going gets tough.

    If you do find it too difficult to sustain then you will be left with the ON/OFF approach to eating and your subconscious mind will never feel like it is making any progress.

    It is progression that keeps you motivated to stay with what you are doing. If life gets tough and you can't sustain the way you eat because it requires too much preparation, thinking or resilience then it will be hard to feel progress. You need to find a way of eating that takes the stress out and puts the energy back in.

    The easiest way to do this is firstly balance your blood sugars this provides incredible relief to your body because there are less highs and lows in your energy throughout the day. Next you need to understand what you personally require as per your age, gender, height, activity level and type of lifestyle. Lastly you then need to learn where you're eating beliefs started and if there are any areas of your life that you need to be forgiven and let go.  The last stage is bottom of the ice berg stuff (see the image above).

    The first step can take care of most of the battle around what to eat and it does take most of the thinking away from your eating. It only gets tested when life shows up and adds pressure to you. This is where the real self-growth begins.

    If you are ready to put an end to the ON/OFF approach to healthy eating and learn how to integrate the foods you love into a healthy way of eating that you can do permanently - it is time to jump on board and firstly balance the blood sugars through how you eat.


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