How to PRETOX your way into the New Year

  • How to PRETOX your way into the New Year

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Thursday, 18 January 2018
  • The definition of detox is to 'rid your body of any toxins by abstaining from toxic substances for a certain period of time'.  Globally, the most popular time for detoxing is the start of a New Year when you decide it is time for a clean start.

    Detoxing denotes the idea that it is an ON/OFF process that is unsustainable over a period of time and is harder to maintain over the holiday period when you are away eating with others and not preparing all your food yourself.

    The action of "Pretoxing" is a word I made up to describe the action of preparing your body before you put the toxins in it and being conscious of how you are nourishing your body around the time you are drinking alcohol and situations where you can't control what food is provided for you such as holidays at the beach.

    Toxins are created in your body naturally as part of your metabolism.  If you were wanting to detox your body, you would focus on eating foods that are alkaline in nature.  Alkalinity relates to how acidic an environment is and is measured by pH (the concentration of hydrogen).  When your body is in a more alkaline state your metabolism can operate optimally and can regulate your body processes by removing the toxins you ingest.

    Eating guilt free recipes provides your body with an alkaline nature because it concentrates on foods that are high in water content and water has a neutral pH of 7.  

    When you include a balanced combination of NOVA's wet carbohydrates, proteins and certain types of produce, your body will naturally recorrect your pH balance so you feel less bloated and sluggish the next day. 

    The disclaimer here is that there is no way of eating that will completely balance high volumes of alcohol, however, it is possible to balance the way you feel if you are conscious of drinking moderately and nourishing your body beforehand.

    Hydration is the key to balancing your metabolism and neutralizing your toxins.  Absorbing water through your food is the best way to alkalise your body because you will also absorb vitamins and minerals that can balance the pH levels of your body.

    Try these following three tips when you are on holiday so you can return back to work feeling less sluggish:

    1)      Start the day with a breakfast high in water content and loaded with vitamins and minerals.  Vegetables will provide you with more water content than fruit because fruit has more sugar content so therefore lower volumes of water. Vegetables also have a greater variety of vitamins and minerals.  Minerals like potassium help aid getting water absorbed into your cells. Choose to have savoury breakfasts like an omelette or frittata and add all your favourite vegetables like mushroom, tomatoes, courgette, carrot, baby spinach and capsicum. Add in your favourite NOVA wet carbohydrate such as some kumara or potato. Potatoes are rich in potassium.

    2)      Save your smoothie for the afternoon. A smoothie can be a great Summer afternoon pick up. When the kids are choosing to get an ice cream, see if you can find a place that makes a berry smoothie.  Berries are loaded with vitamin C which is a power antioxidant to help your liver pretox before you put your wines in that evening and will also boost your nutrient content for the day.

    3)      Drop your caffeinated drinks on a day when you are having alcohol. Caffeine is a toxin just the same as alcohol so pick your demon for the day. Caffeine is a diuretic so if you are feeling flat in the afternoon, choose something that will hydrate you rather than dehydrate you. In summer, you might drink less tea and coffee but keep in mind green tea, coke products and other fizzy drinks can contain caffeine in them.  

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