The Truth Behind The Plateau Effect - Does It Really Exist?

  • The Truth Behind The Plateau Effect - Does It Really Exist?

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Monday, 11 December 2017
  • You hear it a lot -

    "You create your own reality"


    "You WILL get more of what you focus on so keep your thoughts positive".

    The reality is though - when the chips are down and you want something so bad and there is no indication of progress it is very easy to feel defeated and focus on what you don't have - LACK!

    The tricky thing with this equation is that when we are doing something from a place of NEED rather than ENJOYMENT then we create resistance towards to the outcome.

    It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy - life feels difficult - you feel tired and you feel not good enough or that you are NEVER going to get where you want to go.

    Now …. here lies the problem if you don't believe that you can get what you want or that you are not enjoying the process you will never feel progress - even when you ARE making progress.

    There really is NO DESTINATION that is the trick with health and wellbeing (or anything in life to be honest) because every diet, healthy eating programme and NEW eating trend is just another pattern in disguise. A pattern to test your internal resistance at a sub conscious level.

    Feelings of lack breed fear and fear cause stress at biochemical level in your body. That is the quickest recipe for your metabolism to draw to a hold only burn minimal amount of fuel and put your system into conservation.

    Now you can see how your mindset can determine your results and completely interfere with any way of healthy eating you might have tried in the past.

    The result of creating resistance within you is that you then play out self sabbotage and create the self fulfilling prophecy that you will not get results. Then - you don't get the results you want or they are not good enough. There you have it - another diet or eating programme that didn't work long term.

    There is no such thing as the plateau effect - over the last ten years of working with people to help them learn how to eat guilt free no one has ever hard a plateau. Yes they have hit resistance and a pause in action but it only takes a 30 minute session before they are feeling back in flow again.

    Your beliefs about what you are eating are a major reason why you have resistance when we eat foods that are redundant and non nourishing. The reality is though - these foods exist and always will. So unless you choose to eat them from a place of choice and learn how to nourish around them you will eventually eat them to please another person, because you gave in or simply because you craved it from cutting it out for so long.

    Then you feel out of control with your eating and it becomes an all or nothing approach. So you go back to avoidance to stay 'safe' until then next unhealthy eating episode shows up.

    The flip side to food avoidance is that you can only avoid learning your pattern for so long before it will eventually start to take its toll on your health - mentally, physically and/or emotionally.

     This might take decades to be seen as a pattern but it is these unhealthy eating patterns that are more detrimental to your long term health than eating a one off slice of cake, going out for dinner or choosing to eat a food that might not be so nourishing now and again.

    One isolated meal or food item is not going to affect your results or long term health however it what will affect your results is that the one food item or meal can trigger the feeling of guilt.  This belief is then stored at a sub conscious level and can trigger situations when you were told 'not to eat that cause there will be consequences' from your past.

    When you learn how to nourish your lifestyle and eat guilt free you get to a place of freedom with your eating. It no longer matters if you eat redundant food because when you have awareness you know how to change the story.  The real magic with learning how to eat guilt free is that your body doesn't get as excited about the redundant food like it did in the past. The food that you used to fear no longer excites or creates tension because you learn what real satisfaction feels like and your body takes you back there each time before you wobble from the wagon. 

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