What is Your Eating Personality?

  • What is Your Eating Personality?

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Monday, 11 December 2017
  • The first step to understanding how to build a way of eating that is going to work for you permanently is to know who you are and what are your natural eating habits.

    It is so very common to start out well when we are motivated to eat healthy but as time goes on and life shows up it gets tougher to sustain your original intentions.  So before you kick start into your healthy eating programme or regime this year learn how it will end before you get started.

    Our learned behaviours are established during the first part of our lives. Learning opportunities and your environment are controlled by your parents and/or give caregivers so their beliefs can be passed down. However you always have the ability to do things differently when you are an adult but sometimes it is too late to even recognize that we even have our own eating behaviour patterns.

    Opinions and beliefs operate like a thermostat in a heat pump. When it is cold outside the temperature drops, the machine will lift the heat in the room. It will then return to its set point. Eating is no different. Once you get results you will return to your previous habits of whatever eating pattern was happening before you committed your willpower to the new diet or eating programme.  You will think life showed up and got in your way. However doesn't it always seem to get in the way?

    Really it was your deep seated beliefs about yourself taking control of your autopilot eating system.

    It is easier and more sustainable to make small incremental additions to what you are already doing so you can naturally move the set point over time. When your body gets used to being nourished with the right balance of food and nutrients it will naturally get used to feeling great. You will still 'fall off the wagon' or deviate from your new habits however the way that you feel will take you back to what made you feel good. The great thing about making small additions to your existing way of eating allows you to adjust to feeling food fairly efficiently.

    Have you ever compared yourself to someone else that has achieved great results or managed to stick to eating healthy for a certain period of time and thought "Well it's okay for them they have a fast metabolism" or "I could never do that I am not disciplined or organised enough". This is because you have your own unique comfort zone and breaking you out of that is only going to cause you to return to your set point if it is not sustainable. The adjustments need to be subtle so you don't notice them and you are able to keep doing them.

    Here are the following six different NOVA eating personalities:

    1)      The Wagon Worrier - You are okay at focusing on eating healthy for a few weeks as long as you avoid tempting food or situations, you will get results. You will feel like you fail when life shows up and you accept a friends baking or 'give in' to the food you didn't think you should have.

    2)      The 50/50 - This kind of eating personality eats well half the time and eats unconsciously the other half of the time. You don't experience the progress you wish even though you feel you have been eating well.

    3)      The Pick n Mixer - You chop and change to the latest healthy eating challenge, to the detox programme and back to another healthy eating programme. Your body can't keep up. It doesn't get a chance to get used to what you are doing consistently because before your metabolism has even had a chance to register you are onto the next thing.

    4)      The Destination Seeker - You are consistent and learn what you need and execute it precisely. You get the results you wanted (or maybe you wish for more once you arrive) and then you relax because you are at your goal without being conscious of the next step.

    5)      The Environmental Successor - This personality feels they do all that they can to eat well but their environment keeps letting them down. Whether it is not enough time to plan healthy meals, someone else making your meals that you can't control or something else outside yourself that gets the blame. These are all real circumstances but they also have a solution.

    6)      The Self Saboteur - This person is the opposite to the environmental successor. You blame yourself for not doing enough, not being good enough and you lack self belief that you can create a healthy body that you love and keep it. No matter how hard you try what you achieve will never be good enough.

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