What Do Women Want Out of Eating Healthy?

  • What Do Women Want Out of Eating Healthy?

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Monday, 11 December 2017
  • There have been numerous diets, healthy eating programmes and the apparent RIGHT way of eating being released into the world for decades! Your mothers and even your grandmothers all had the latest eating trend or diet to get into shape and lose weight.

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why as women we buy into these strategies when time and time again they never last, are so unsustainable and often require so much discipline that we need to attend a retreat and cut out our whole lifestyle out in order to get a result we don't keep?

    YET…….. we keep trying them, keep getting sucked in and feel like this time it must the 'the one'.

    I am going to reveal to you why this occurs and the simple reason is what we as women are really looking for when it comes to losing weight, gaining energy and being healthy is  A FEELING.

    A feeling of love for ourselves and a feeling trusting in what we eat.

    Unfortunately diets and even the balanced healthy eating regimes fail us or often we feel like we fail them. The real reason is your own self-belief and your sub conscious patterns that come with you every time you get inspired to start again.

    You can understand what you're eating or diet patterns are by reviewing all the eating regimes you have done to date. Is there a common reason why you end up giving up on them or don't sustain that way of eating for life?

    What you need to ensure you are eating healthy and balanced is to understand your needs. Like any relationship in your life if your needs are getting met then you are not going to be able to trust in the journey and the process.

    As soon as life shows up with the delicious smell of a bakery or a friend that offers you their cooking that might contain carbs -- you can feel that tension inside of you that you are about to blow all that good work. 

    It can actually be simpler than that. It might be that the weekend shows up and you get invited out for brunch or you are simply exhausted from what life has thrown at you so your body defaults to food that makes you feel good.

    The three needs you need to meet with your satisfaction in your eating are your nutritional requirements (these are based on your demographics), stablising your blood sugars so that they don't dip and cause cravings and lastly your mindset. The mindset of your eating can be effected by stress (physical, chemical and psychological) and also by your eating beliefs and also your sub conscious behavior patterns.

    Firstly you can balance your blood sugars through using NOVA recipes they are specifically formulated using the science of satisfaction. You can find out what your nutrition requirements are by having a one to one session with me - the guilt free nutritionist that includes a week of food diary assessment to see where you might be missing out on meeting your needs.

    If you choose to go onto working with me - The Guilt Free Nutritionist at a premium level then you will learn about your sub conscious patterns and how to unravel them when it comes to eating over a twelve week period.

    The best starting place to understand whether you are in balance and how to learn the science of satisfaction is the my latest book "Wet Your Appetite" - The Secret to Eating Guilt Free Permanently and you can grab you copy here. 

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