Why You Will Fail At Healthy Eating In 2017

  • Why You Will Fail At Healthy Eating In 2017

    BY Catherine Sissons | ON Monday, 29 May 2017
  • How many times have you attempted to eat in a healthy way to find you cannot sustain it forever?  Yet time and time again when you feel bloated, know that you have overindulged and feel guilty about your eating habits you once again decide that enough is enough and it is time to cull out all the 'bad' eating habits. Your willpower will manage to keep you focused for a certain period of time however before long life will get in the way, you will doubt you are making enough progress, you will feel hungry or someone will offer you some desirable baking or other home cooking.  So why is it so challenging to sustain a healthy eating regime regardless how simple it might be?

    1)      Life shows up

    As soon as you make a commitment to a new way of eating life will show up with all the lessons you need to get through and overcome to be able to sustain your results long term. This can be in the form of stress, sickness, injury or time pressures that you didn't expect before you made the commitment to a healthier you. The usual result is to give up and restart when life has settled down however this is only going to reinforce the ON/OFF switch to healthy eating. Every time you choose to start again you set yourself up for failure because when a challenge presents itself it is too challenging to uphold the healthy eating because it consumes your time and energy planning your healthy meals.

    The Solution: go with the flow and adjust your eating as you go.

    1)      Healthy eating programmes are not specific to your individual requirements

    Some healthy eating regimes cut out food groups and are not tailored to your individual requirements and lifestyle so that you feel depleted or may not being getting enough of what you need to feel satisfied.  You might be a mother to three children or you might work late nights in a corporate office with no children.  Each situation will be different even if they are the same because you will cope with situations differently than someone with your same dimensions. Your height, weight and gender all play important roles for what you need to ensure your blood sugars stay stable and that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals through the food that you eat.

    The Solution: find out what you need to feel satisfied all day long so that you don't feel like empty energy foods and have more control around your portions and food choices.

    2)      False expectations

    The expectation that you place on your expected results can cause your brain to tell your body you are under pressure and stress. The way that you think can directly impact how your nervous system responds to burning your fuel. Have you ever experienced eating healthy food and followed a programme one hundred percent to find that the results did not reflect the hard work you did? This will be because your body was operating from the fight or flight response so that it conserves fuel instead of burning it.

    The Solution: find out what your triggers are and how often you are sparking them. You might have adrenal fatigue if you are exhausting this survival mechanism.

    3)      Fears of failure and fear of successs

    It is true that sometimes you can be afraid of getting exactly what you want because at a sub conscious level you are unsure if you will be able to keep it.  The fear of success has a flow on effect to the fear of failure and one can lead to the other. It operates at a subconscious level so that you self sabbotage your healthy eating when you arrive at your destination whether you have achieved the results you wanted or not. 

    The Solution: Find out what your limiting beliefs are and how they could be holding you back to achieving permanent results.

    4)      Chasing a moving target

    Have you every completed a diet or healthy eating programme to want more weight loss, to be even lighter even though you made progress? An example of this is when you set out for an intended goal and when you get to a certain body weight, dress size or outcome you want more because it is not enough.  Chasing a moving target is the fastest way to never feel progress and reinforce that you have failed yet again.  It needs to be questioned as to why you are wanting to follow a healthy eating programme to start with. What is it that you are trying to receive from structuring your eating and being consistent? For many it might be certain number on the scales or an objective measure however the reality is that what you are really wanting is subjective. It is 'a feeling' that you will get when you see that desired number or how you feel when you put on a certain item of clothing or how you will feel when you are pain free.  There lies the issue with chasing a moving target when your feelings are subjective because you can change your mind regardless of how well you do and regardless of how well you progress it is never enough.

    The Solution: before you get started right down the feeling you are searching for by completing the healthy eating programme. It might be confidence, happiness within yourself, to have more energy, to feel relaxed about your eating or to remove the guilt associated with how you eat.  

    The only way to permanently eat guilt free is to learn your eating patterns, where they come from and how to satisfy yourself biochemically, physically and mentally. 

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