Do you want to get support, have your meal planning done for you, boost your energy, minimise risk of getting sick and avoid gaining kilos over winter with meals that every one can eat at your place by making only one meal?


Are you tired of feeling tired and having no energy to get through your day and be with your children?

Do you often feel bloated and fed up with not fitting your clothes comfortably?

Do you want more energy, feel satisfied between your meals and prevent gaining kilos over the colder seasons. 

Every week you will have the thinking and the planning taken out of your healthy eating for your whole family.  Meals include soups, homestyle recipes and food that you would order in a cafe with very simply step by step instructions that even a non cook can follow and complete within 15-20 minutes. 

You will receive ten easy, tasty and healthy recipes that include weekday breakfast, week day lunches for yourself and the dinners cater to your whole family so you only have to prepare one meal and still be healthy.  Recipes are catered to children and you can adjust ingredients too. 

By having ten meals planned for you each week it means that you can bank on eating healthy two thirds of your week after all life isn't about being perfect. It is about enjoying the tasty meals that are easy to perapre and have had the thinking done for you.

Each week you will receive your menu plan, a weekly focus sheet about nutrition on how to build your meals so that they satisfy you the most and a daily checklist to help keep the basics of your eating around your meals nicely on track.

You can still add in your own meals if you wish along the way and every meal is proven to satisfy you because it balances your taste buds, blood sugars and nourishment.


Are you a busy a woman that finds it hard to get all your errands and jobs done each day let alone plan healthy meals for your family?

Would you like more energy, to feel more satisfied between meals, boost your energy and only have to make one meal that caters for everyone at your place? 

Then these meal plans will be perfect for you. You will receive 2 breakfasts, 2 weekday lunches and 4 weeknight dinners, 1 weekend lunch and 1 weekend dinner so that you can still enjoy taking a couple of nights off.

You can map out the recipes yourself or you can follow the easy to use planner that you receive every week. 

Recipes cater for food group swaps so that you can cater for gluten free, dairy free and most have vegetarian alternatives.

The shopping list will save you time and also money on the weekly shop.    


Each week you will receive your set menu in your inbox before the weekend so you have time to get what you need for the week ahead.

You will also be part of the online community with the guilt free nutritionist - Catherine Sissons who will answer your nutrition questions for you and let you have a say what you would like to see in the recipes each week.  There are also weekly tutorials on the themes below so you learn how to nourish your lifestyle along the way. 

You will also get hot healthy tips to help boost your energy, improve your immune system and help you lose weight permanently in a healthy way with the help of the daily check list and themed weeks on how to build your meals so that you can maximise your progress. 


Tick Small  2 Breakfasts (one sweet and one savoury)

          3 Lunches (2 easy weekday, 1 casual weekend)

          5 Dinners (4 easy weekday, 1 casual weekend)

Tick Small  Adjustable for gluten free and dairy free

Tick Small  Easy shopping List

Tick Small  Weekly Planner to eat the recipes your way when you want.

Tick Small Shopping List mapped out if you would like to use all. 

Tick Small Daily checklist for eating guilt free so you can get your healthy body to where you want it to be

Tick Small  Be fully supported and kept accountable with the online private facebook group. Where there are mini challenges, weekly tutorials with the guilt free nutritionist and group of women to share the guilt free journey with and learn more about your and your relationship with food. 



WEEK ONE: Breakfast - what should you eat at breakfast when it is colder? Are there foods that are better than others to keep you satisfied in the cold? 

WEEK TWO: Lunch - are soups a balanced to lunch to have in the colder months and what is the best way to eat to stay satisfied throughout the afternoon? 

WEEK THREE: Dinner - colder months can mean less satisfaction from dinner. How do you include a warm pudding if you wish without the unhealthy consequences?   

WEEK FOUR: Stress - what are the impacts of stress on your appetite and immune system in winter? 

WEEK FIVE:  Satisfaction - how does cooking, preparation and winter meals alter the satisfaction of your meals? How do you make meals satisfy for longer?  

WEEK SIX:  Drinks - why does caffeine compromise your immune system and how to do you enjoy it without the guilt or unhealthy consequences? 

WEEK SEVEN: Snacking - why do you feel hungrier in winter and what snacks keep your appetite in check? 

WEEK EIGHT: Sickness - what are the best foods to eat to bounce back from winter ills and chills. Is there any way of preventing them happening at all?    


Tick Small  Only having to make just one dinner for the whole family 

Tick Small  Recipes are formulated so you feel satisfied between meals meaning you wont feel like snacking 

Tick Small  More time for you because the planning and easy shopping list are done each week 

Tick Small Recipes for breakfast and lunch catered to busy week days 

Tick Small  Meals that are full of flavour so help curb your sugar cravings

Tick Small Save money eating healthy because your meals are already mapped out for you  

Tick Small Recipes are adjustable for different tastes at your place you can make an easy swap between food groups for the dairy free, gluten free or vegetarian if necessary

 Tick Small More energy, better sleep, less planning, tasty meals that are easy to prepare that your whole family will love.

Tick Small Gain an understanding of how to increase the satisfaction you get from your eating. 






   $100 NZD

ONGOING MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP includes rest of Winter, Spring and Summer Seasons until the end of 2017

   $14 weekly

   $57 monthly 

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