Work with Catherine your Guilt Free Nutritionist to find your way of eating that is personalised to you, your results and will trasform your relationship with your eating and yourself permanently.


Do you find you can be 'good' for so long before life shows up and gets in the way of being healthy? 

Are you tired of depriving yourself of the food that you love so that you can gain a result that you cannot keep for very long? 

Do you finally want to learn how to get in control of how you eat without needing to use willpower and saying no to the food and drink you enjoy?

I am Catherine Sissons - The Guilt Free Nutritionist.  I have worked with people for over 10 years to help them find a way of eating that gets them permanent results and transform your relationship with food. 

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You will learn how to eat guilt free, feel more satisfied, boost your energy and help you lose weight permanently.

We work together using the science of satisfaction and then personalise it to your lifestyle. 

You will learn about your eating beliefs and where they stemmed from.  You will also learn a strategy of being able to have the food you like without the guilt or the unhealthy consequences. 

You will gain personalised tools, strategies and solutions to the battle you have been having around sustaining healthy eating and a healthy a body. 

I balance your advice ensuring that you are mentally (taste), physicially (personal requirements), and biochemically (balancing blood sugars) balanced. So that your way of eating is satisfying, healthy, realistic and that you can do by yourself permanently. 

You are fully supported by me over the time we work together and you will finish with an approach to your eating that is tailored to your lifestyle and the different seasons throughout the year. No longer will you have to eat differently from your family. The whole family benefits from the investment because not only do you become healthier, you also role model a healthy relationship for the younger generations. 

Not only will I work with you to help you lose weight and balance your eating but you will also find you sleep better, adopt a positive mindset with eating and will no longer feel guilty about eating food you like. 

I will take the thinking and planning out of yours and your family's healthy eating so that you can get on with your other priorities.   

Do you finally want to put an end to dieting and feeling like you fail every time you try and eat in a healthy way?



Tick Small       You will no longer feel guilty about eating chocolate or have unhealthy consequences

Tick Small     You will be able to trust what your body is telling you it needs

Tick Small     You will gain control over your appetite and more freedom in the types of foods you eat 

Tick Small     You will take the thinking out of eating and put the flavour and taste back in your meal times

Tick Small    You will boost your energy and feel fuller for longer  

Tick Small     You will minimise getting sick in winter

Tick Small    You will have greater health and wellbeing across other areas of your life

Tick Small     You will sleep better

Tick Small     You will learn a way of eating that is permanent and suited to your lifestyle. 

Tick Small    You will never have to do another diet or eating programme ever again. 


Tick Small     You can see improvements in your cholesterol 

Tick Small      You can see improvements in your blood pressure

Tick Small      Nourishing and finding balance in a stressful lifestyle 

 True results happen when you take  consistent action and let go of being perfect.  Permanent results take 90 days to establish and another 90 days to maintain. This is why I work with you and your lifestyle to establish a way of eating that will nourish your lifestyle and work for you permanently. No longer will you have to follow a diet or the latest eating trend to get your results. Are you ready for permanent results that allow you to eat the way you like?

----- Catherine Sissons (The Guilt Free Nutritionist) 


If you are frustrated and have had enough with feeling guilty about enjoying the food you like then this is for you.  

Working with me (Catherine Sissons) takes commitment to yourself so that you can finally put an end to the diet cycle and adopt a way of eating that is healthy, realistic, includes your lifestyle and is personalised to you. 

No longer will you fail or self sabbotage your efforts because together we address your core beliefs about eating and how they show up for you in your day to day life.

If you are done with feeling anxious around eating and feeling like you always fail or are not good enough then this premium coaching is for you. 

If you have tried all the diets and programmes under the sun but are ready for an approach to eating that will enable you to no longer have to think about it all day then this is for you. If you are finding you don't feel healthy and have had enough,  then let's work together and find that permanent solution. 

No longer will you have to count calories, calculate your nutriton or judge yourself for eating food you would normally feel guilty about.

Learn how you can let go of your old food beliefs and what you think about yourself so that you can gain a healthy body that will continue to thrive.

You will transform your relationship with food and yourself so that you no longer have to compare yourself to what everyone else is doing or eating.

Best of all, there will be no internal judgement about how you eat and you will trust yourself that you can have foods that might not fit your old food beliefs that have not been serving you.

As a result, you become lighter both mentally and physically and put the pleasure back into dining out, eating socially and most of all become a positive role model to younger people in the way that you eat.  


While we work together you will get personalised coaching sessions to help reflect back to you why things have not been working so far and solutions and strategies to moving forward so that you can feel progress.

You will have a one on one fortnightly or a monthly session with me The Guilt Free Nutritionist either in person or via the virtual classroom.  

Each week, life will present challenges to you to over come your core food beliefs and where they came from. This premium coaching enables a space for you to unravel your beliefs, acknowledge them and move foward so that you can eat the way you want and establish a healthy mind and body.

I take all the pressure off by doing the heavy lifting when life shows up so you don't have to think or plan what you eat. 

You will cover nutritional requirements, mindset around eating as well as satisfaction from your food.  You will be working towards more energy, satisfaction from what you eat, improved immunity and a healthy wellbeing.  If weight loss is your driver, this happens as a biproduct of aligning the other aspects of your life. 

You will gain insight into how to nourish yourself, your lifestyle and how to gain results that you can keep. 

You will also learn the methods of how to get ultimately satisfied after everything you eat so that you no longer crave, require will power or beat up on yourself so you can be FREE of the burden that food currently gives you. 



Tick Small  Personalised eating guides with portion sizes that are tailored to your needs.

Tick Small  Personal nutrition advice about your daily eating via your own private food journal.

Tick Small  Private online membership where you log your eating and daily stress for review personally by me - 3x a week. 

Tick Small 30 minute LIVE video call with me every week.  

Tick Small  A permanent way to eat healthy with realistic expecations and results.

Tick Small  An education about how to eat normally including all your food groups so that you gain maximal satisfaction and nourishments. 

Tick Small  Member of Guilt Free Food School for the period that you are coaching with me. 

Tick Small Ability to message Catherine at with questions. 


There are very limited spots to work with me - The Guilt Free Nutritionist. We get started with a 45-60 minute introductory session as well as 7 days nutrition advice to see where your satisfaction needs may not be getting met.

If you then choose to go onto coach with me after the introductory session, we will discuss the length of time you need for retain your results permanently. It starts with a minimum of three months. Payments can be made fortnightly or monthly by online payment or up front payment using credit card. 


GET "WET YOUR APPETITE" The Secret to Eating Guilt Free with every Introductory Package (limited time only)

$249 NZD



*Initial consultation and 7 days advice require payment in advance. Click the links to check out lower cost budget options such as getting the guilt free meal plans or buy the book for only $49 NZD HERE 

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Getting coached by the Guilt Free Nutritionist is an investment for your long term health, wellness and relationship with your eating. The transformation you experience from this coaching is permanent and cannot be unlearned. You will change the way you eat which will then reflect throughout other areas of your life as well as being able to support your loved ones to be healthy too.  

This is for you if you are ready to  transform your relationship with food and learning about how why your body is not giving you what you currently desire.  

The result is freedom in your eating, a body that you love and being a positive role model to younger people through the relationship with your eating so you never have to do a diet or eating programme ever again. 

It will deliver fantastic permanent results and equip you with a way of eating that will not fail you and that is adjustable to your lifestyle. Terms and conditions apply.

Best of all you have that one person you can download your frustrations to and get clarity around your eating so that you never have to diet again. 


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AbbieAbbie Abbie: I loved that my eating is simplified and now has variety, gives me energy at the same time as being able to enjoy wine guilt free 

I wanted to work with Catherine and learn how to nourish my lifestyle using NOVA because I wanted to find an approach of taking better care of myself that would last...... READ MORE

JenbJennifer: "I loved how my advice was so personalised to me and I thought I already knew a lot about nutrition"

After hearing Catherine speak at an event I knew I had to get advice from her because I was told I had to be vegetarian to be healthy and get results.  I do prefer to eat mostly vegetarian and Catherine showed me where I was missing things in my eating so I was more balanced......... READ MORE

CathieCathie: "I love how that I now have a way of eating personalised to me and my social lifestyle"

I found working with Catherine online a breeze because she was friendly, non judgemental and adapted my eating regime to my lifestyle which is very social. I have learned that eating is a science itself but better still the NOVA concept can be adapted to my personal situation which means I don't have to ... READ MORE

JacquiJacqui: "I loved how I could still eat the foods I thought were not so good and I could still be healthy" 

I loved how I learned about how my body worked and how I needed to balance normal every day foods. It made it easy to stick to with working late nights and I found I had... READ MORE

JennyJenny: "I love that my nutrition advice was tailored to my busy life as a Mum and I lost over 10kg"  


I was finding it hard to lose the post baby weight on my own. I was comfort eating and snacking and not getting much exercise apart from walking.  I felt tired and unmotivated.  Getting up to a baby in the night left me exhausted and I needed some help and motivation to get going.  Catherine helped support me to find a way of eating that worked for me being a mum and I didn't have to eat seperately to my family....READ MORE   

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Q: I have been to a nutritionist before and felt disappointed because I paid a lot of money for one consultation and only got a few tips - how do you advise me here

I know exactly what you are talking about. I have had many people come to me after going to other nutritionists and feeling like they just got some tips they could have read anywhere. This is why it is great to have an introductory week being coached by me so you can see what it would be like to work long term together. There are many options that will support you every step of the way if premium coaching is not your path include the Guilt Free Food School and Set Menu Club. When we work together over 12 weeks you will have a personal connection with me so that you can ask any questions at any time and we finally work out what has been getting in your way of getting the healthy body you want to date. The difference with me is that I wont be removing food groups or cutting foods out completely. I will show you a way you can adjust your current way of eating so that you can eat guilt free permanently and never diet again. 

Q: I live in a small town and but it takes a long time to travel to the city to see a nutritionist would this coaching be similar to seeing qualified nutritionist face to face?

Absolutely! The only different is that you don't have to travel, pay for parking or gosh you can even where your pyjamas if you wish! Our weekly call is via zoom (which is like skype) and you get a recording of every session so you can play it back and relearn at any time. This is invaluable for long term learning about how to eat guilt free. 

You will also feel like I am part of your life because we are also in contact at least three times a week via your online membership page where you log all your eating, any guilt that shows up around food that you thought you shouldn't eat and I relfect back to you why things haven't worked for you until now. 

Q: How much weight will I lose? 

Weight loss occurs when everything else comes into alignment. Once you have learned how to nourish your lifestyle and uncover all your barriers to why you aren't where you want to be you will start to see weightloss results as a by product of  balancing your lifestyle with what you are eating as you are guided by me.  This is how you will yield permanent results long term. You will learn a way of eating that is completely tailored to you and that can be adapted to your taste preferences on the day and also to your different lifestyle situations. Once you know what your personal strategy is for eating healthy and handling what life throws at you weight loss will happen.  It does require a minimum of 12 weeks investment to be able to experience creating a healthy body you can keep with no effort. 

Q: I don't want to have to make more than one meal at night. So how can this work for me?

Of course. The great think about learning to eat guilt free is it designed for you in mind. Recipes are adjustable for taste preferences because the ingredients are listed in food groups. You can use the produce, protein and carbohydrates that you wish or you can use your personalised eating guide for your own portions of the food groups you need. One meal does fit all because its adjustable. 


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